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Napkin hire

Five Fine Points On Napkin Etiquette – Napkin Hire from SpecialEventLinen:

Perhaps you’ve invested in some fine quality tableware for a special event, or your host has opted to hire some delicate wedding linen, either way – you don’t want to seem the fool by fumbling with a faux pas. Here at SpecialEventLinen, we have five top tips to guide you on the basics of napkin etiquette.

Apex Elegance – Napkin Hire and Wedding Linen Hire from Special Event Linen:

1) Use it! – The first point is perhaps the most important; if your host has taken the care to provide you with napkins, make sure you use them. Don’t just leave it aside your plate, not making use will likely leave you looking less than stellar once the meal is over.

#2 Wait! – Don’t just reach for your napkin as soon as you’re seated. The napkin is often used as a queue to mark the beginning and ending of a meal. Wait for your host to open their napkin first, then (and only then) should you do the same.

#3 Know when to fold! – This may sound like a poker tip, but folding your napkin may be necessary.  If it’s too big for your lap, fold it in half so as to comfortably cover your lap. Make sure to do so delicately and without any extraneous gesticulations.

#4 Hold it! – There are a number of common blunders that you may trip up on while wielding fine linen: blotting your lipstick, blowing your nose, wrapping up leftovers – all of this are misuses and should be avoided at all costs.

#5 …and finish! – Just as you waited for the host before opening your napkin, do the same before discarding it. The host places their napkin on the table to signal the end of the meal, at which point you should follow suit – place your napkin neatly to the left of your plate and prepare to wind down with a beverage (or three).

And that’s it (for the basics, anyway). With these tips you’ll be able to stay classy even in the face of the most ornate dinner linen – and remember, when in doubt, pinkie-up.